About Us

Scrub and Wipe Cleaning Services is made up of a group of professionals with experiences in the cleaning industry. We are I00% Nigerian owned and presently service several clients and thousands of square feet each day of the week. This ranges from private properties, offices with just a few staff members to large clients with hundreds of staff.

Our fully-trained uniformed cleaning crew maintain a top-notch professional image that will complement your business. All cleaning personnel are insured and are trustworthy to be around your properties. You are assured that your properties and inventory are in safe hands.

We have at our disposal excellent, well trained, trustworthy staff that are readily available to carry out these tasks to suit your taste.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the highest level of quality and customer service available in our industry and to always run our company in an honest and ethical manner.

Client Satisfaction

Supervision is the key to our success! Customers will regularly see our quality control personnel inspecting the cleanliness of their premises. Our full time supervisors visit the cleaning staff on-site while services are being performed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.