Our Services

At SWS we make it our priority to bring professionalism into our services, as we treat our customers equally.We focus on  organizations, schools, property owners, business owners or a company seeking cleaning staff / janitors. Our prices are competitive as we focus on providing standard services to all our customers. Ours is an epitome of excellence towards satisfying the needs of our clients.
We personalize our services leading to an intimate relationship with our clients, seeking ways to improve their environment.

We offer cheap and flexible price rates on the following services regardless of the high-quality services we render:

Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction clean-up & waste removal for house or commercial building sites. The cleaning our professional team carries out ensures that it is thorough and comprehensive and the building is ready for immediate occupancy.  Don’t even settle for less than the
best Construction clean up.

Residential Cleaning

Our services are tailored to our client’s specification and include all the activities one would reasonably consider as standard (dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, sanitation of bathrooms and kitchen, dishes, washing and ironing).

Industrial Cleaning

Besides cleanliness, maintaining optimum levels of health and safety is crucial. In order to avoid putting your staff,
operations and business as a whole at risk, it’s your responsibility to use industrial cleaning services that are rendered by experts.

Office and Carpet Cleaning

Whether you’re looking for office cleaning services for small business premises or for a large office park, we’ll tailor our office cleaning services to meet your individual needs. On-site staff who are trained by industry experts and equipped with extensive knowledge are able to offer you thorough office cleaning services that are efficient, effective and importantly.

Fumigation and Pest Control

Scrub and Wipe provides affordable, customized pest control and landscape care services for industrial, residential and commercial customers. We create a Pest Control and or a landscape care program that keeps your warehouse, factory, restaurant and residence pest-free.

Provision of Cleaning Staff

Human resources are our greatest asset. The cleaning industry, in general, is notorious for high turnover of staff, but at Scrub and Wipe Cleaning Services we have trustworthy and efficient staff members that have been with us since its inception. We treat our clients right, which translates into higher job satisfaction and consistent quality service for the client.